Safety and comfort

Anti-lymphoedema wedge is recommended for women after mastectomy. It is designed to keep the limb with a swelling raised while taking a rest or sleeping. The wedge makes the blood and lymph outflow from a limb easier, it prevents also from occurring and intensifying of a swelling. Available in two versions: with or without a hollow and in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

Sizes of anti-lymphoedema wedges in a cotton cover:

- Large profiled with a hollow: 53cm х 37cm х 29cm
- Large straight: 53cm х 37cm х 29cm
- Medium profiled with a hollow: 48cm х 38cm х 25cm
- Medium straight: 48cm х 38cm х 25cm
- Small profiled with a hollow: 44cm х 33cm х 22cm
- Small straight: 44cm х 33cm х 25cm